Book Purchase

We have made a strong effort to collect suitable material for the Islamic education of your children, While not perfect we strive to make the best use of it to ensure your children learn Islamic values, and more importantly, to practice them. We are making a continued effort to further streamline the curriculum – stay tuned!

Book Purchase Process

  1. Check the list of books to determine which books you need for children in various grades.
  2. Parents will pay for the books at the time of registration.
  3. This payment is in addition to the tuition cost and is included in the fee being charged.
  4. Books will be provided to students in the classroom on their first or second day of attendance.
  5. Double check before you buy books. Your child may have already this book from last year.

Book Costs

Cost of books is subsidized and for this year is calculated at $30 per student and is included in the fee. This covers the additional cost of books students need in addition to the carry over of some text books from the previous grade. Books bought separately will be priced at a different price. Pricing information is available at the office.

The list of books Is published annually and is available at the Madrassa Office.