Lesson Plans

Sunday Madrassa is in the process of introducing standardized lesson plans, tests and testing/grading mechanism to encourage learning. These standardized lesson plans for every grade have been added to facilitate student and parent knowledge of what was covered in the last class, and what will be covered in the next class. Students and parents will not have to depend on weekly class/homework postings. Everything is right here for the entire year.

Islamic Studies and Seerah Curriculum

Qur’an Curriculum

Books that stay through Grades 1 to 5

  • Qur’an Reading: Learn How to Read Al-Quran
  • Surah and Salah: Juz ‘Amma For Schools Students Volume-1
  • Dua: Daily Duas

Reading Qur’an: This text book has been adopted because this is a better and easier to use and will help students learn to read the Qur’an. Click here to view or download the text book.

A grade by grade weekly lesson plan created many years ago has been revised in July 2018 with more robust content and teaching guidelines. These downloadable curricula can be accessed by clicking on respective links below.

Grade 6-10 will focus on:

  • Strengthening their knowledge and practice of prayer
  • Surah memorization in Arabic
  • Surah translation memorization in English
  • Readings in English and discussions on various topics selected from the Qur’an
  • Book project style composition assignments from the Qur’an
  • Extracurricular community projects reflecting principles learnt from the Qur’an

What is in the Qur’an

The reader will find fascinating details in the following descriptions and attachments:

80% of the Qur’anic Words

The Holy Qur’an contains about 77,800 words. Roughly 82.6%, or 64,282, are repeated. The words given in this 38-page booklet account for this 82% of the total words of the Holy Qur’an. For each word, only the most common meanings are given. Some words may have other meanings too, depending upon their context. However, the number of such words is very small. Click on the link below to read or download this booklet.

80% of the Qur’anic Words

Parents are encouraged to read a few words every day. Have your children do the same. Just read them frequently, don’t try to memorize them. With time and frequent reading, you and they will begin to understand the Qur’an as they read it. This is knowledge they will, insha’Allah, embrace as their way of life, and will help them become a source of Allah’s SWT love for you.